On September, 20 2008, ME Webhost migrated its SupportLogin.org client database to our new client portal system. The new system affords users the ability to manage their billing/contact information (a feature not supported in our legacy SupportLogin.org system.)

NOTE: We are currently updating everyone's online profile and we are almost finished. If after logging into the new system (or if you have problems logging in) you do not see your billing information or hosting account details, simply open a ticket with the billing department and a helpful representative will express-update your profile within 48 hours.

Other than wrapping up the huge task of porting client data to the new system (which we expect to complete shortly) the system is performing beautifully and client feedback has been 100% positive and enthusiastic.

If you experience problems logging in or accessing your data, just contact us. Login access isn't required to open a ticket with any of our departments (nor does the new system affect client hosting accounts or uptime).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

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