Attention Server Owners: Server Health Care Package

As you already know, your server platform is a powerful, sophisticated piece of equipment, capable of meeting and exceeding your most demanding expectations. And just a high-performance race car, your server will run better, faster when you give it proper, routine maintenance.

The problem is: You may not have the technical skills (or the time) to maintain your server's health. So why not let your own personal System Administrator do the work -- FOR YOU. Here's what your administrator will do for you:

  • Script installations & updates. Hate installing scripts? Running an older scripts and need to upgrade? No problem! Your system admin will install, configure, and upgrade your scripts for you.

  • Security hardening. Are you (unknowingly) running any programs or scripts that have security flaws, exploits or back-doors that could let hackers in and destroy all your work (and your reputation)? Your admin will examine your files and take immediate corrective action to secure them.

  • Security screening. Do you have any suspicious server activity? Mysterious logins from high-risk, hacker-prone countries? Your system admin in will scan your logs for potential troublemakers, ban rogue IP addresses, and block unsavory individuals who want to bring you down.

  • Mail queue monitoring. Do you have a big list? It's a fact that ISPs (Internet Service Providers like Comcast, Cox, Qwest, etc.) are *unfairly* discriminating against email marketers. Your system admin will make special tweaks to your mail server, monitor your email queue, and work with you when you do mail-outs to ensure MAXIMUM deliverability... with minimum rejections and bounces from ISPs.

  • Firewall installation. A must!! It's a fact: Hackers are getting smarter by the minute and they would like nothing better than to get into your server. A firewall gives you an added layer of protection that you simply shouldn't be without.

  • Operating system updates. Software is getting better all the time. That's why patches and upgrades essential. Your server admin will make sure your server's operating system is current, up-to-date, stable and secure.

  • Scheduled reboots. Your server is just like your home computer. You *can* leave it running for a long time, but the longer it runs, the slower becomes. When your server becomes slow, sluggish or unresponsive after weeks or months of continuous operation, a reboot will make it run better, faster. Your system admin can do this for you automatically on a regular basis around 2-3 A.M when traffic is nonexistent (or whenever you say so).

What you get is a complete server-maintenance health plan (with 2 hours of hands-on system administration time every month) to make your server a super fast, highly efficient, and very stable machine.


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

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