Attention VDS Clients: Want to DOUBLE your server's capacity?

Well you can. For as little as $10 you can double your server's hard drive space. It's the quickest, easiest, most profitable way to maximize your ROI and realize enormous savings right now. Right this very minute. When you double your hard drive space you can...

  • Host twice as many websites. Store twice as many files, images, databases, you name it.

  • Stream full-length videos, movies, and high-quality MP3 music files. (Media files take up A LOT of space -- that's why you need this upgrade.)

  • Use your extra space as a remote backup location for your critical desktop/notebook files. Use your server as a "back up depot" and never worry about losing your valuable data again.

  • Make money. Are you a web designer, developer, reseller or entrepreneur? Resell your extra hard drive space and instantly double your potential profits.

And more. A bigger hard drive means more opportunity, flexibility, and power. Best of all? It only takes 3-4 minutes to upgrade your server. You can start benefitting from a bigger hard drive TODAY.

NOTE: There is a limited amount of hard drive available via which we can allocate to your server. Simply stated: The amount of hard drive space we have to give client is strictly, physically limited. We can't make more space available after we run out -- even if we wanted to.

So if you're interested.... even mildly interested...  then NOW time to act.


If you have an SOLO Server.... click here to double your drive for only $10.00/mo (regularly $20/mo)

If you have an DUO Server.... click here to double your drive for only $20.00/mo (regularly $40/mo)

If you have an PRIMERO Server.... click here to double your drive for only $30/mo (regularly $60/mo)

Please. Do not miss out. Take advantage of these savings immediately. Once this offer expires (or once we run out of drive space) this upgrade offer will be gone forever. Act now and lock in the special sales price forever.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

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